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- ONLY the following uploads are allowed: scanned sketches, drawings or paintings, photos of sketches, drawings or paintings and digital art sketches, drawings or paintings.

- Offensive works (overly violent, art of sex organs only, discrimination of any kind) are not allowed.

- You must have ownership of/over all content uploaded to this site by you.

-Regular photos (pictures unrelated to your art) are not allowed and will be taken down.

Violations of any of the above guidelines could cause cancellation of your account with or without notice.

This site is dedicate to sketch, drawing and painting works of art only.

No Guarantee Disclaimer:

Life Adventures Co. (owner of sketch share) has taken steps to secure all art work uploaded to this site, while Life Adventures Co. is not liable for stolen art work from this site and makes no guarantee that art work can't be stolen through any means from this site, Life Adventures Co. will do all that it can to secure your art work and to keep record of your ownership.